Policies and Procedures

Classified Researchpolicy regarding conditions for accepting grants or contracts under Executive Order 12958
Conflict of Interest and Commitment identifying circumstances that may give rise to potential conflicts of interest related to research, technology transfer or administrative responsibilities.
Copyright Policy copyright policy of UNC-Chapel Hill
Ethics in Researchpolicy and procedures on ethics in research at UNC-Chapel Hill
Equity Acquisition in Technology Licensingpolicy on accepting equity in lieu of cash payment for licensing technology to start up companies
External Professional Activities for Paypolicy on engaging in activities for pay outside the bounds of UNC-Chapel Hill employment
Patent and Invention Policy patent and invention policy of UNC-Chapel Hill
Invention Management Procedures policies and procedures specific to UNC-Chapel Hill and congruent with system policies
Use of University Resources in Consulting Activitiesthe extent to which University facilities may be used in connection with the external professional activities undertaken by faculty and EPA non faculty employees
Office of Sponsored Research Policies and Procedures Manual a useable guide for use in navigating through the murky waters of research administration
Guidelines on Policy for Use of University Resources in Support of Entrepreneurial Activities UNC-Chapel Hill supports entrepreneurial activity by faculty, and these are the guidelines for the use of University resources in those endeavors